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Aug 30, 2017
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Bsc Fashion Design, students not only get the relevant technical expertise to step into a professional world, but they also are educated in skills like drawing, draping, pattern making, sewing, haute couture along with training in production.The programme establishes strong technical skills required to work as an innovative practicing fashion designer. The programme covers design, drawing, fashion history and theory, textiles, sewing, patternmaking and marketing. Students also develop the required technical skills in custom and commercial quality garment construction as well as pattern making both manually and using computer-based design.

The programme offers learning that ensures students are mainstream industry and skills-ready, and employable. Design process, design principles and exercises are central to the programme. Students learn about applied design processes from idea generation to creation of mood boards and storyboards that address design briefs, contextual factors and trend forecasts. Fabric and textiles understanding and appreciation, manipulation and handling are part of this learning. Students gain an understanding of manufacturing, logistics and distribution, supported by an insight into the world of fashion design.